Durban's Leading Aquatic Store

Who Are We?

"Aquatics 4 Finatics, Your Aquarium Solutions"

Aquatics is not just a hobby, it's a passion.

With over 10 years experience and knowledge Sudir Bhadree is the driving force behind Aquatics 4 Finatics. We source and import a vast range of marine fish, coral, cichlids and tropicals  from across the globe, thereby making it easily attainable and affordable to our enthusiastic hobbyists.

A proudly South African company, we are a leading Durban based aquatics hub specialising in :

* Maintenance of Aquariums,
* Equipment,
* Live Stock,
* Dry Goods,

We are proud to be associated with these leading brands - Red Sea, Aqua Forrest, Aqua Medic, Seachem & Hikari. We boast a unique range of livestock which we import from Indonesia, Australia, USA, Hawaii & Jakarta. Our 10 - 14 day quarantine policy, at our cost, ensures that the livestock, feeding fish / coral or invert for your aquarium is healthy.

So, shouldn't you be talking to us!

Durban's Leading Aquatic Store